Working with micro-influencers

As a solopreneur, think about working with micro-influencers who can target communication to your niche. If you can find a win-win for both of you, then working with a micro-influencer can be more affordable and it can also be easier to get their attention than trying to engage a big-name celebrity.


In a recent Forbes article, small business owner David Kalt shows how you can do just that. David says “micro- and nano-influencers with smaller (but loyal) followings can drive better outcomes for small businesses working to connect with niche audiences. According to a study by influencer marketing agency HelloSociety, micro-influencers—which it defines as accounts with 30,000 or fewer followers—deliver 60% higher engagement rates and are 6.7 times more efficient per engagement than influencers with more followers.”

Read the rest of David’s article here:


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